After Identifying the Best of the Curvy in DFW, What’s Next?

Starting next month as part of our “Girl Deep, Sunny Days” series, we will select a few women to spotlight on our main website, as well as our various social media pages. The spotlight is not just on the visual, but also on who you are, your lifestyle, your preferences in the things you buy. The goal is to give the public, particular corporate marketing decision makers, a better perspective on what influencers are in the Dallas Ft Worth area.

So branding you takes a few campaign cycles, and then the value to these corporate pros becomes more evident. In partnership with the luxury social media magazine, we will connect affluent brands and decision makers with your profile. The companies will want to design creative and campaigns around your lifestyle, instead of giving you a product that is not compatible with your lifestyle or aspirations. That’s the best value proposition for both parties.

So stay tuned, and be sure to follow us and message us to point us to your best pics. And read all of our advice and tips on this site so that you can convey to us your background in terms of lifestyles, brands you like, your favorite glam service providers, etc.

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