What Makes Fashionnova So Insanely Popular?


If you had been locked up in prison 10 years ago for shoplifting clothes for the third time and just released today after serving the “3 Strikes” mandatory sentence, your parole officer would probably use the Fashionnova store brand as an example the hottest clothing store you should stay away from to resist the temptation to shoplift yet again! Fashionnova has become a venerable force in the fashion retail industry. At CurveMonsters, we use TastefulShots as a way to identify the most sought after women’s profiles online, especially Instagram, and since starting TastefulShots December 3, 2015, we’ve skimmed thousands of profiles and pics. During that time period, we found that somewhere between 30-40% of the hottest women have donned the irresistible clothing that Fashionnova sells.


So exactly what is fueling such retail success? We polled some of the women and found that the price-to-quality ratio is right where they want it to be. Couple that with the fact that some very high profile women online have proudly worn Fashionnova outfits—these are women who have follower counts in the six figures (over 100k) easily, and a few in the millions. Major fashion icons and reality TV stars Amber Rose and Blac Chyna , along with well known YouTube vblogger @chrisspy, are among such influential women who do Fashionnova. Such attractive, highly desirable women are considered “influencers” because their lifestyles are imitated or sought after by thousands or even millions of other women aspiring to be like them in some way.


What about you? Do you own a Fashionnova outfit? Wanna tell our readers why you like Fashionnova? Feel free to leave a comment below or visit any of our Instagram accounts below and drop us a DM (Direct Message). Be sure to have the best pic of yourself in a Fashionnova outfit on your page. If selected, we will add your comments to this article along with a pic of you wearing Fashionnova.








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