Are you hot and ambitious? We’re Launching Two Article Series for You!

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For 2016, as spring break and summer days and nights are approaching, CurveMonsters (IG: @CurveMonsters), a social media property of 50 Plano (IG: @50Plano), is launching two series of articles covering the hottest women with the help of TastefulShots (IG: @TastefulShots). The women whose pics are among the hottest on the TastefulShots Instagram page will be spotlighted in our “Tasteful


This is an example of a great shot from @buffiethebeautyy

How do we select pics that go on our pages?

We look for pics that are not too dark, not too filtered, have great lighting, and are as close to natural as possible. Some studio pics are close to natural, but not all. Studio pics are fine, and are selected a lot for our CurveMonsters IG page, but TastefulShots is far more selective when it comes to studio pics (a few are chosen). Also, if you visit our pages often and follow us and/or like a lot of pics we select, you are more likely to get our attention and we will view your page for the next selection (so be ready with your best pics). We don’t select nudes or any pics too raunchy (we’re not boring prudes either haha) but do respect those who have such pics.

Another nice shot from @moemoe_22_

More pic tips:

Here are some things we’ve noticed after viewing thousands and thousands of women’s social media pics…

  1. Don’t cut the curve! In other words, when you frame or crop your pics, don’t chop off too much of your lower or upper torso. Pics that cut the curve have far less likes than those that done. Check out our TastefulShots Instagram page for examples of pics that keep most or all of the curves intact. ¾ body shots are better than upper body only shots. For example, we’ve seen pics that look great, but half the booty was cropped off at the bottom. These half-booty shots consistently less likes than full booty shots. Pics where your upper body is pressed against a wall, concealing the breast area, also get less likes.
  2. Pics where you are looking into the camera get more likes than pics where you are looking away, including those where you are looking down to the ground as if you lost something J
  3. Don’t be too far away from the camera. Try to stay within 6-10 feet of the camera. Pics that are too far away have less likes than those that don’t.
  4. Objects in pics: If you have a purse or dog or bottle or other objects in your hands or on your body, be sure to take a pic without them, or at least don’t “cut the curve” (see above) or block your face. Selfies can b tough to take, but don’t let your cameras block your face or chest or hips. Objects that block these “hot zones” get far less likes than pics where the objects don’t block them. Yes, we looked at the Like counts of pics that followed these tips and those that don’t.
  5. Mirror selfies: Be sure to wipe stains and crud off your mirrors! Ugly mirror stains will lead to less likes guaranteed, especially if the crusty stuff is blocking parts of your body.
  6. Lighting: Pics at nightclubs are tough and will darken your pics. If a friend has a flashlight app on their phone, be sure they turn it on in dark places. Also, selfies where your body is facing away form the source of light (your back is to the light) will lead to dark images. Turn on as many lights as possible! Or turn around and face the light. If you’re at the beach, face the sun…do not have your back to the sun unless you want a silhouette pic.
  7. Backgrounds: Pick your backgrounds carefully. You want enough contrast between your outfits and the color scheme of the background. For example, if the background is white, such as a white wall, don’t wear a white color that is too similar to the white on the wall. Where dark colors against lighter backgrounds. Of all the combinations of background colors and clothes colors, black clothes against a black background is the worst combination in terms of likes and image editing. Pics that follow this guideline get many more likes. Also, you’ll get even more likes if you clothes and the color of the background blend well together, and even complement each other. Pics of Latin and African countries tend to do well with colorful backgrounds, so we recommend visiting our IG pages and seek them out to get ideas.
  8. Speaking of backgrounds, if you’re in your room or bathroom, be sure to make that space presentable. Clean it up, or at least kick the junk out of the viewing area! Lol.
  9. Pics with others in them get less likes than pics with just you alone. Also, pics with doubles or triples of you get less likes that single, solo shots (but do well for fashion blogs such as CurveMonsters). Keep that in mind when planning the kinds of pics you have on your social media pages. This is not to knock pics with family and friends as those are obviously important, but if you also have a strategy to increase likes, include some solo pics, too.
  10. Clothes selection is important. The better you are at picking your clothes, the more likes you’ll get. We’re not saying you have to be a top fashionista or hire a clothes buyer, but you also won’t get much attention if your clothes are dirty, too disheveled or wrinkled, or looks too odd from a fashion standpoint.
  11. Pics without sunglasses on your face do better than those without them, so take a pic with and without them.
  12. Tattoos are not a problem, and if you do face tats, be sure they don’t cover too much of your skin.

No one of these tips will keep us from selecting your pic, but if any pics miss several of these, we are less likely to spotlight them. We have spotlighted pics where the lighting was not as good as we prefer, or where a selfie has a camera that blocks some body parts, so it’s on a case by case basis.

The other series is called “Girl Deep” where we will go in depth with some of the most popular and ambitious women on TastefulShots. In this series, we go beyond the beauty and glamor, diving deeper into what makes the woman tick, what her likes and dislikes are, and an over spotlight of her lifestyle and goals. Starting in Dallas and spreading to other cities, some of the women spotlighted may become Lifestyle Ambassadors for, with opportunities for revenues sharing based on partnerships with key companies who want to do business with the women based on compatible lifestyles and product branding strategies. This is far more than just selling protein shakes and tea. Stay tuned and be sure to follow us here and on social media.

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