Being a model is more than being seen…It’s being influential

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As we’ve canvassed many social media pages of models we think have potential to do bigger and better things, we’ve noticed a common and perhaps expected theme: too many models see modeling as a way to be seen, to be noticed, but not much more beyond that. This is understandable given the glamor that the mainstream media places on being seen and being “instafamous” like few notable women have achieved.

But the question becomes: Is the goal of your social media modeling project merely to associate your attractiveness with a product endorsement?

If so, this objective is too simple and can be unfulfilling.

Ask yourself, why do so many companies seek to have attractive women endorse their product or service offering? The answer goes far beyond simply associating physical beauty with a product. It goes to marketing, and in particular, product placement, brand management and strategic social media promotion. You can call this the social media marketing mix.

What lies between a company and the public it wants to market its brand to is YOU. As a model, you are the mediator that can help the company influence a segment of the population. This means you are a medium of change. By understanding this vital role, you can better harness this power to become an effective businesswoman and social change agent in many ways besides merely associating your body with a product. You can generate goodwill by also, among many things, championing causes you care about, as well as changing the world one city at a time, starting with your city. Once you have this good will as part of your influence, more organizations will approach for the use of that influence beyond soda bottles, alcohol bottles and energy drinks.

Think about that and let us help you fashion your influence into a powerful change agent.

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