What Outfits We Deem Appropriate


Because of the high class, luxurious lifestyle content we’re targeting, not all outfits you wear will be appropriate. Also, some uncovered tattoos will be fine for upscale entertainment content, but not for business content. We’ll let you know if there are any questions.

We are targeting the following:

Business casual wear – it can be form fitting, but can’t show too much breast skin

Evening wear – think of what you might wear to a nice dinner, concert or club

Swimwear – because curves can make even normal bikinis look very seductive, we look for pics that have some kind of wrap to offset the seductiveness of the bikini. We’re not looking for boring pics, but we’re also mindful of the kind of audience that visits affluent and business oriented websites. Bikini pics will be spotlighted mainly in the Travel and Events sections.

Lingerie – similar policy as with swimwear. Nothing too risqué, yet not boring either. Events, Travel and Romance sections.

Eclectic – you may have certain pics that are not easily classified, and there might be a place for them. We’ll let you know.


On every pic, be sure to have your IG name and copyright notice. If you don’t have access to a photographer or if you don’t have the ability to add small text to the pics we can spotlight, let us know and we’ll do it free.


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