How Do Lifestyle Ambassadors Benefit?


In Dallas, their social media properties get exposed in the top search ranked Affluent Blacks of Dallas ( online social media property as well as the international Ebonair property ( All other cities will flow through Ebonair. Both of these sites appeal to affluent professionals, business people, entrepreneurs and movers and shakers.

We will check out photos on each models social media page and Like the ones we think are good enough quality. We will spotlight your photo and a link back to your social media page in one of the many articles on or, depending on the content of the article. Content can cover luxury lifestyles ranging from celebrities to travel to exotic areas. Check out both sites to get an idea of the extensive content. Also, depending on your outfit, your social media page might also be spotlighted in business, sports and car articles. No extra work on expensive photography needed on your part as you already have the photography in place. Given the steady and growing subscribers and visitors to both sites, that is quite a boost to your goals.

And for special upcoming projects where advertisers and promotion is involved, we will pay a percentage of advertising revenue flowing to the page being promoted. We will let you know when these become available.

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