5th Annual CurveMonsters Spring Break 2020 Vol 1

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Hey babies! It’s Spring Break 2020, which means it’s time for some curvy girl shenanigans worldwide during Spring and Summer! Yay! Spring Break is like the preseason of our annual CurveMonsters Swimwear Season, which starts May 1, 2020 😊 So if you’ve been slacking in your fitness and weight loss goals, Spring Break is your early warning sign that it’s time to get it in gear now! Be sure to buy the most popular swimwear now before prices go higher.

And don’t worry. Yeah our popular videos show the most beautiful curve queen and fit babes on the planet. But that should not deter you from doing what’s best for your body and lifestyle. If you only lose one pound during our fitness season, that’s cause for celebrating! We love each and every one of you and only want you to be happy in the skin you’re in.

Don’t let hunger pains control your mind! [Continue reading below]

Let your mind control them. They will eventually decrease in intensity if you distract yourself from thinking about them. Also, you don’t need to eat three meals a day. On your journey, you will find that sometimes, you only need one meal. But you have to be active and distract yourself from the thought of eating. Finding engaging hobbies or entertaining activities really help with this.

Guys, this goes for you too! We read all your DMs, emails, texts (why do y’all text people you never even seen lol) and see your international calls (we don’t pick up for strangers, silly, lol). For all you men who desire to date the most beautiful, curvy women on the planet, you can’t just be a spectator to our videos. You need to be fit, too! Your money can only go so far with women. They want someone handsome and in good shape, too, so get up off that couch and executive office chair and get active with us this season!

In a nutshell, this is the CurveMonsters Fitness Challenge and we offer it to you freely because we want you happy and ready for fun this Spring and Summer! If you’re not happy, you won’t want to come check out our endless stream of fun and curvy videos this upcoming bikini and swimwear season, right?! Lol let’s make this season even more fun than the record breaking 2019 season!

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Song: “Act Like Power (CurveMonsters Spring Break Mix)” by BruvaJC (Tiktok: bruvajc)

From Producer Bruva JC at 50 Plano Studios: “Shout out to Curvemonsters for the love! Song available on most streaming platforms.“


The Cutest Curvy Looks You’ll Want This Spring

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And our online Spring Break party continues, and you’re still VIP! Since January, we’ve seen some incredible styles that curvy fashionistas everywhere are either wearing or want to wear that have that Spring style in some way. The styles span from elegant, skin friendly sets to booty-hugging denim jeans, and everything in between. The onset of the warm weather season means it’s time for you to consider what styles you want to wear in the pool, by the poolside, at the beach, on a nice dinner date, or at the beach in some exotic location far away. On this site, we celebrate those curvy choices you have to make! Enjoy.





Savage, Flawless Curvy Bodies to Kick Off Spring Break 2018!

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Some of you probably slept on the many reminders we gave you since December about our online Spring Curve party. Well it’s here now, and if you didn’t get your curves in a savage, flawless state liked these stunning beauties, it’s your own fault lol. Are you ready for the biggest curve party on the internet? Of course you are, because you are VIP if you came from our savage, popular Instagram pages (@CurveMonsters and @CurveMonstersGlam). This article is just the first of many, including some super fun video compilations we do annually, so get in the VIP line, come to the VIP booth, and get served these stone cold glasses of premium curves! Welcome to our Spring Break super event…