Should Curvy TV Journalists Wear Un-Curvy Clothes?

Here in the Dallas area, a new curvynista joined the local ABC News Dallas Affiliate WFAA TV 8 as their new Traffic Anchor and boy did she make a splash! As the pics show, she’s quite the gorgeous curvy fashionista much like the curvynistas we spotlight on our site and our Instagram pages (@CurveMonsters and @CurveMonstersGlam). In fact, we will start reposting her IG pics soon!

But this subject is one that goes to the heart of why CurveMonsters was created over 2 years ago. A lot of people are still scared of curves. They fear them as if they have “Curvaphobia” or something. That’s why our tagline is “Don’t fear the curve, embrace it.” The high fashion world still fears the curve, corporate America fears it, and now some TV viewers (usually other women) fear them. Here’s a quick recap…

Demetria Obilor has not been on Channel 8 Dallas but for a few days (maybe longer), and one viewer took issue with her curve hugging red dress. The controversy even made it to the nationally published Essence magazine. The following screenshot shows the “complaint”:


Vicious attack right? To not watch Channel 8 anymore is a bit extreme, considering that the channel has had other female journalists wearing curve hugging dresses in the past. Several social media followers defended Demetria. Some have even alleged that the person complaining, Jan Shedd, might have some racial overtone to her complaint as Demetria is black while Jan is white. What are your thoughts? Should the curvy TV journalist wear more modest, curve unfriendly clothes, or should she be free to slay what she wants in a way that is still professional yet curve friendly? We support all curvynistas who do big things whether on TV or other platforms. Go Demetria!

Curvy New Dallas Traffic Journalist Endures “Curve Hating” Viewers