20 Flawless Faces to Watch This Spring

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With the Spring season comes the urge to renew things and sweep away old things, to make things beautiful just like the Creator made the flowers to grow into stunning visual feasts this time of year. Facial beauty follows a similar pattern. Your spirit needs to be renewed so that your eye, which are indeed windows into the soul, radiate the positive energy deep within you, which then leads to the glow of your face, which others respond to favorably. Make up choices must obey this process, complementing your radiance instead of dominating it. We think we found 20 great examples of such radiance, and we will post more soon. Enjoy!



40 Fabulous Faces of Beauty Right Now!

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Back in January, we brought you a list of the 40 most fabulous faces we came across online. As you probably know by now, we scour the internet and social media for the most beautiful and stunning curvy women all over the planet. This means we come across hundreds of online photos regularly. So it is no easy task to identify the 40 most fabulous faces among the best of the Curvynistas! Even now, we surprised ourselves at how many absolutely gorgeous faces we stumbled across. Cudos to all the make up artists (MUAs) out there for your handy facial skills, and congrats to the parents of these lovely Curvynistas for imparting their special DNA power into these gorgeous women. We love it!

Without further ado, we present the 4o Fabulous Faces right now…(The slide show above has all 40)