Lifestyles Of The Glam And Curvy Vol 3

This glam and sexy 3rd installment contains about 16 minutes of various aspects of the curvy fashionista lifestyles for the summer, from beach scenes, to night life, talents, humor, and just plain fun! So you will not be bored this summer. This is ‘Lifestyles Of The Glam and Curvy’, a Curve Monsters/50 Plano TV social media show where we identify the most attractive women everywhere who are smart about their business, or show potential to take their talents to the next level!


Our YouTube Channel, the most stylish and curviest channel on the planet! Don’t fear the curve, embrace it! Branding classy curvy models everywhere starting in Dallas. It’s simple: just be curvy. We’ll find you. Being curvy and glamorous is more than just waking up like that. It’s the right fitness regimen, having the right glam team, traveling to the right spots, and having an active social life that makes an impact on others.


Have you been featured on our new Lifestyles page yet?


A few days ago, we launched our newest social media page, CurveMonsters Lifesyles, on Instagram. We’re super excited to feature of the top women’s profiles on our new page in a way that focuses on your lifestyles, whether it be a humorous look at some photos, or your night on the town with your girls, date night outfits, sexy looks on the beach or at a pool party, and more. Our main page will focus more on the glamor side of the best women’s profiles we come across, particularly professional-looking photos, pretty face shots, fashion and glam style ideas, and fashion brands and boutiques.

The reorganization should give you richer overall content and a much better social media experience. It is also in line with our future plans with 50|Plano to expand into televised content via Roku, YouTube and other video streaming sources.

Have you been featured yet? If not, the first step is to be selected for inclusion on our gateway social media page, TastefulShots. This is the only path towards being considered for CurveMonsters and CurveMonsters Lifestyles. Helpful tips for inclusion include following TastefulShots, being an active Liker of the pics, and having photos that are ready for prime time, as we like to say. Read the rest of the content on this site for helpful tips on taking the best selfies or professional photographs, but the common mistakes we see are poor lighting (always face the source of light for the best resolution) and not being close enough to the camera. We want to see pics from the knees to the top of your heads, and don’t cut the curve, meaning no shots where part of your booty is cropped off or your breast area is blocked by the corner of a wall or the holding of a pet or even your cameras/phones. Visit our pages and study the pics carefully.

That’s it for now, so go out and follow our pages and stay tuned for exciting stuff this Spring and Summer!