Does Nicki Minaj Have a Point? Do High End Fashion Designers Copy Indie Designers?

The popular YouTube channel lovelyti2002 posted a video commentary about the harsh criticism superstar Nicki Minaj unleashed against well known high end fashion brands who, in this case, infringe on the design ideas of lesser known black fashion designers, similar to the way influential music artists are accused of copying lesser known artists without giving them credit. Although Minaj’s accusations are limited to indie black fashion designers, many non-black designers have also experienced similar problems. What is your take? Do high end fashion designers get more powerful and influential at the expense of independent designers? Let us know!

Remy vs Nicki! Who Wins Hottest Curvynista?

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While the music world awaits with baited breath the response (or lack thereof) of Nicki Minaj to Remy Ma’s now infamous dis rap, we wondered something more fun and fashionable: Who has the better curves, and who has the hottest curvy fashionista style? You decide. We found a few pics on Instagram to help the decision. be sure to go to both @RemyMa and @NickiMinaj on Instagram for even more photos. We will post the results of the survey some time next week so be sure to follow us here and on Instagram! No matter who wins, this has got to be the curviest rap battle in the history of hip hop! Vote today…

UPDATE: The voting was neck and neck, with the numbers going back and forth like a boxing match, but looks like slightly more of you prefer the style and curves of Nicki Minaj!

remy-1452008177Nicki-Minaj_-Alexander-Wang-Spring-2017-Show--05Remy Ma Reveals Release Date For 'Platas O Plomo'Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall-Winter 2017-2018reamy-ma-7Screenshot_2017-03-06_153810

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