Lifestyles Of The Glam and Curvy, Vol 1

“Hey there, It’s summer time!! I’m John the CEO from 50 Plano TV and this is ‘Lifestyles Of The Glam and Curvy’, a Curve Monsters social media show where we identify the most attractive women everywhere who are smart about their business, or show potential to take their talents to the next level!


These women in the video know how to have fun in addition to being very popular online (be sure to visit their Instagram pages for style goals and ideas to improve your online presence):













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Our YouTube Channel, the most stylish and curviest channel on the planet! Don’t fear the curve, embrace it! Branding classy curvy models everywhere starting in Dallas. It’s simple: just be curvy. We’ll find you. Being curvy and glamorous is more than just waking up like that. It’s the right fitness regimen, having the right glam team, traveling to the right spots, and having an active social life that makes an impact on others.


Hottest Fashion for Curvy Women, Fave Night Fun Styles, Vol 2

Women always gotta look fun when stepping out at night during the Spring and Summer months! We found several evening looks we liked on Instagram and are spotlighting them here. We don’t own the photos, but the following gorgeous, curvy women caught our eyes with their fun night style choices:

@noziphopics wearing @zeeshop1
@theoliviajune with a YSL purse
@vickyjustiz wearing @electricboutique
@niseykamai wearing @maxx_couture
@_stephanyd@missdollycastro wearing @intertwinecollection
@its__sarah wearing @kimwestlatex

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Our Popular Tastefulshots IG Page Was Hacked But Will Return Better


Greetings. For those who made our Tastefulshots and CurvemonstersLifestyles IG pages very popular, unfortunately they have been hacked and we reported this to the IG team and are awaiting their response. Meanwhile, we will resume on our website right here, and would love to see you follow us. The photos we feature will get great traffic. Thanks, and we look forward to having fun with you this Spring and Summer!