Fall Cuffin Season Vol 5 Thanksgiving Edition

Hey it’s Thanksgiving week! Are you cooking, and if so, what are you cooking?
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Curvy Summer Cuff Mistress Revenge in September, Vol 20

Worldwide exclusive! Smokin’ Hot Labor Day Weekend Preview!! Fellas, it’s still summer but almost Fall cuffing season again. Have you been naughty or nice with your lady? Hopefully you’ve been faithful. If not, better be on guard cuz she might just put on her most curve hugging outfit and step out on the prowl for the next cuff mate 😊 The Curvemonsters Labor Day weekend starts at 8pm CST Thursday 9/3 across all our social media pages, including a big premiere on YouTube and here on Instagram, so set your reminders so you can see the full video mix!

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Hey, summer babeez, the summer vibes never end—and we’re going harder than ever till Sept 22 with this most seductive and curvy video mix this swimsuit season! And with yet another smokin’ new “curve music” joint—“ Cuff Mistress’ Revenge”—from the beat master BruvaJC of 50 Plano Studios, you will be mesmerized and enticed by the inviting ethnic sounds infused in this song! From now on, make ever summer night count! Why “revenge”? Well, we’re coming up on another cuffin’ season, and women want their men to act right. If they don’t—if they find hidden DMs and Facetime messages in their second phones—well, let’s just say there are ways women handle ‘em. And once they put their men in their place, they put on the most curve huggin’ ‘thangs’ and go out with their girlz as the ultimate Cuff Mistress, comin’ back home at 6 in the mornin’, feelin’ fine and fresh after a secret cuff session! What goes on as they play the role of cuff mistress stays with them in their mind’s secret chambers. Their men will never know. They just have to sit their and wonder why…
Before watching this video, strap on your seatbelts cuz this will be another visually intensive rollercoaster ride lol!

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