Oh, Those Curvy Toys of Summer!

As we wind down the excitement of our summer VIP party on this site and our Instagram pages, we realized we’re kinda behind in some categories. So we’re making sure to clear our inventory of the sexiest, most curvy pics of the summer before summer officially ends soon. Here’s a set of the most curvy motorized toy pics we enjoyed (we’ve got more coming, so follow us!)…

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Hottest Cars and Curves to Kick Off May


Hey curvynistas! We’re back at it again with another round of hottest rounded cars and rounded curves to kick off May and launch the pre Summer season of the curvy fashionista in swimsuits and curve hugging designers dresses! With summer comes the need for drooling guys to show off their whips to impress you, the queen of curves, while the sun is out and the beach and pool party scene heating up. Some of you will no doubt be hosting car wash fundraisers during the day before you transform into the sexy soiree siren you were meant to be at night, causing guys to crash their Aston Martins with their regular looking girlfriends in the passenger seat lol. Others will be revving up their curvy fitness game into high gear during the cooler mornings while on some exotic vacation far away. Regardless of how you flex your curve status to the world, the hotter weather will reach deep into your soul and bring out the inner curvynista while you drive your own smoking hot car. Here’s a tribute to you! Enjoy.

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Spring 2017 Revved Up Women on Wheels


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We can’t stress enough how much we love Spring. Why? Well first off, it is a time when everything in nature becomes pretty again! And with that, pretty women get pretty again (haha!). But besides that, Spring is a perfect final warning to get our fitness game up before the height of bikini season in the Summer. Along with the warmer weather comes the need to be outdoors, not only on feet but also on wheels.

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After sifting through dozens and dozens of amazing pics, we found nearly 40 hot pics of stunning women on wheels to catapult us into the Spring and Summer! Hope you enjoy, and if you think we missed you, let us know here or on Instagram!

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Nice Cars and Babes in Boyland

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When it comes to the long relationship between cars and women, we have to be reminded that the curves of a nice car are patterned after those of curvy women. For some time, boys had gravitated to playing with toy cars when they were little while girls played with dolls. As they both grew up into adulthood, big boys had lots of fun with their car toys, including the most luxurious and exotic sports cars around. Yet big girls were relegated to what are considered “girl” cars. So the question becomes: why do the big boys get to have all the fun?

In this new series, we at CurveMonsters are going to show the world why the shapes of big cars came from women and not men! We will spotlight the best cars money can buy with the best curves women are blessed with, showcasing both the style and elegance of both. Enjoy the slideshow and be sure to visit the Instagram pages of the beautiful women showcased…and if you feel we missed somebody who should be included in the next installment of this series, do indeed let us know and we’ll check them out!