Being a model is more than being seen…It’s being influential

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As we’ve canvassed many social media pages of models we think have potential to do bigger and better things, we’ve noticed a common and perhaps expected theme: too many models see modeling as a way to be seen, to be noticed, but not much more beyond that. This is understandable given the glamor that the mainstream media places on being seen and being “instafamous” like few notable women have achieved.

But the question becomes: Is the goal of your social media modeling project merely to associate your attractiveness with a product endorsement?

If so, this objective is too simple and can be unfulfilling.

Ask yourself, why do so many companies seek to have attractive women endorse their product or service offering? The answer goes far beyond simply associating physical beauty with a product. It goes to marketing, and in particular, product placement, brand management and strategic social media promotion. You can call this the social media marketing mix.

What lies between a company and the public it wants to market its brand to is YOU. As a model, you are the mediator that can help the company influence a segment of the population. This means you are a medium of change. By understanding this vital role, you can better harness this power to become an effective businesswoman and social change agent in many ways besides merely associating your body with a product. You can generate goodwill by also, among many things, championing causes you care about, as well as changing the world one city at a time, starting with your city. Once you have this good will as part of your influence, more organizations will approach for the use of that influence beyond soda bottles, alcohol bottles and energy drinks.

Think about that and let us help you fashion your influence into a powerful change agent.

What Outfits We Deem Appropriate


Because of the high class, luxurious lifestyle content we’re targeting, not all outfits you wear will be appropriate. Also, some uncovered tattoos will be fine for upscale entertainment content, but not for business content. We’ll let you know if there are any questions.

We are targeting the following:

Business casual wear – it can be form fitting, but can’t show too much breast skin

Evening wear – think of what you might wear to a nice dinner, concert or club

Swimwear – because curves can make even normal bikinis look very seductive, we look for pics that have some kind of wrap to offset the seductiveness of the bikini. We’re not looking for boring pics, but we’re also mindful of the kind of audience that visits affluent and business oriented websites. Bikini pics will be spotlighted mainly in the Travel and Events sections.

Lingerie – similar policy as with swimwear. Nothing too risqué, yet not boring either. Events, Travel and Romance sections.

Eclectic – you may have certain pics that are not easily classified, and there might be a place for them. We’ll let you know.


On every pic, be sure to have your IG name and copyright notice. If you don’t have access to a photographer or if you don’t have the ability to add small text to the pics we can spotlight, let us know and we’ll do it free.



Ideally, photos taken by professional photographers or someone you know who has a natural talent for photography works best.

For selfies, be sure to not have the camera blocking your body or face in any way so that we can crop around it if needed. Also, make sure you have enough lighting and that you’re not too far from the camera. We’ve seen some models do a great job with selfies, while others don’t do so well because they are either too far away in bad lighting or the camera/phone blocks their faces.

If your background is white, wear outfits with contrasting dark colors such as black, red, or vibrant patterns.

If you’re using a mirror for full-length or waist-up selfies, be sure to throroughly clean you’re entire mirror so that so spots, specks or smears blur or distort you image.

Finally, try your best to keep you camera angle straight. Otherwise your photo will appear at a weird angle, forcing those viewing it to have to tilt their head. A selfie stick might be helpful to keep the angle straight.

If you have any questions, hit us up on IG, FB or email at

What Must Models Do to Have Their Social Media Profiled Here

Obviously, because of the name, we are looking for curvy models. Not just full bodied curves, but petite curves as well. We’ll let you know if your body shape fits the criteria or not. Not everyone will be selected to spotlighting, but that does not mean we won’t spotlight you in other capacities (e.g., you might be a fashion designer, event hostess, hair and make up specialists, etc). If you have any questions, ask us to check you out to see if you’re a fit in some way.

If we have not already liked your photos or followed you on social media, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest (SnapChat coming soon). That’s it. If you have a comp card of online business card in JPG or GIF format, email it so

How Do Lifestyle Ambassadors Benefit?


In Dallas, their social media properties get exposed in the top search ranked Affluent Blacks of Dallas ( online social media property as well as the international Ebonair property ( All other cities will flow through Ebonair. Both of these sites appeal to affluent professionals, business people, entrepreneurs and movers and shakers.

We will check out photos on each models social media page and Like the ones we think are good enough quality. We will spotlight your photo and a link back to your social media page in one of the many articles on or, depending on the content of the article. Content can cover luxury lifestyles ranging from celebrities to travel to exotic areas. Check out both sites to get an idea of the extensive content. Also, depending on your outfit, your social media page might also be spotlighted in business, sports and car articles. No extra work on expensive photography needed on your part as you already have the photography in place. Given the steady and growing subscribers and visitors to both sites, that is quite a boost to your goals.

And for special upcoming projects where advertisers and promotion is involved, we will pay a percentage of advertising revenue flowing to the page being promoted. We will let you know when these become available.