Curvy Fashion: Curvemonstersglam Fall Cuffin’ Season Vol 2 More Curves!

It’s 10/10 of 2020! Volume 2 of Fall Cuffin’ Season is yours 😊 Are you lonely or alone??? 😍😍😍 50Plano TV will do a brief report on a new article discussing that interesting topic. Thenew 50Plano TV channel is live on the Roku TV network πŸ˜€ Just working out a few minor wrinkles but search β€œ50Plano TV” on your Roku device. Exciting things are taking shape for us so be sure to follow so this positive vibe can rub off on you! Be sure to follow all the women we feature in our mixes because it ain’t easy to make the final cut 😊

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Curvemonsters Fall Season 2020

With Fall getting underway, it’s that time of year to shift focus from the bikini fun of Curvemonsters to the glitz and glamor of CurvemonstersGlam. Be sure to tell your grown friends and family that this is the best mix of curves and fabulousness in the world!







This is the Curvemonsters Fall Season

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